Compliance Advisory Dashboard
Service Description

Regulation and Compliance Advisory Service


To manage regulatory obligations and compliance processing within a single platform.

Overview the event-related documents across specified data sources.

Identify the areas (rules and terms) affected by certain regulatory/compliance events and analyze the intensity of potential impacts.

Identify regulatory trends affected by regulatory events that may affect your company.

  • Substantial and constantly growing number of new and updated regulations.
  • Hidden trends and overlaps, significantly increasing compliance-related risks
  • Need to understand the big picture and focus on key factors.
  • Natural Language Processing methods (US patented technology).
  • Methodology relates to determining descriptiveness and information density of a target body of legal documents.
  • Discovering business entities involved.
Proactive Trend analysis to identify the direction of potential changes within the regulatory landscape.
  • Identify regulatory trends affected by the regulatory/compliance events, their direction and intensity.
Reactive Impact analysis to identify potential deficiencies in regulatory/compliance coverage.
  • Identify the areas (other rules and related terms) affected by certain regulatory/compliance events and intensity of the impact.
  • Overview the event-related activity across specified data sources over the defined preceding period.
  • Analysis of various data sources across any period of time: rule filings, enforcement actions, press releases, speeches, litigations, daily snapshot of United States Government Journal (Federal Register), or any other type of media.
  • Business entities recognition.
  • Places/names/companies/locations, etc. filtering and highlighting.
  • Advanced business filters support - delivers noise-free information.
  • Document summarization - delivers the most important points contained within the original documents.
Project Details
Launch Online Advisory Service.
Launch Offline Advisory report (sample).