Correlate latest news with price movement.
Regulatory compliance management.
Forecast price movement analyzing historical events.
  • what you want
    • manage regulatory obligations and compliance processing.
    • Search across all technical documentation.
    • Correlate market behavior with current price movements.
    • receive early warning signal of potential company distress.
    • Optimize further trading strategy.
    • recognize illegal activity while using corporate communication.
    • Manage and reduce financial and legal risks.
    what we provide
    • analyze regulatory obligations in a single platform.
    • Solution for searching and indexing enterprise-wide repositories.
    • Way to correlate latest news with price movement.
    • manage regulatory obligations and compliance processing.
    • Combined Media Index to mitigate potential risk.
    • Proactively forecast price movement analyzing historical events.
    • raise a signal in case of potential threats.
  • The most natural and intuitive way to analyze media

Our process

Research > Analysis > Reporting

1. research

Our process begins with the hypothesis as to why a particular media source may add value and help to grow profitability in the long-term.

Using our patented technology we construct computational Machine Learning models of selected media sources, which semantically determine impacts, and therefore create meaning behind online activity.

2. data collection and analysis

We monitor and analyze the following sources:

  • Mass media and news to determine Combined Media Index as an indicator of activity, polarity, and semantic informativity of media feeds.
  • Federal Agencies document - to manage regulatory obligations and identify potential regulatory trends.
3. reporting

We provide comprehensive dashboards, combined with both online and offline reports which provide keen insights into potential compliance and regulatory coverage issues across your operation.

Our historical indicator provides an assessment of the amount of information used to describe regulatory subjects you would like to research.

Case studies

*All scenarios, case studies, and dates are real;
however, actual company names, tickers, and other legal entities have been changed or removed.


I have to analyze a large volume of daily media to determine potentially risky companies.

Using early signals I need to further investigate.


By running the Market News Analytical Platform, I am able to monitor current media activity for particular companies.

Semantically analyze news, and by using machine learning techniques, I am able to raise early warning signals that lead to further company detaliization.

To ensure system scalability, I am using the current model as training data to enrich the accuracy of my analysis.


I am able to better identify the riskiest companies and understand the drivers that cause a company to default.


To manage the daily regulatory obligations and compliance processing within a single platform.

Overview the events-related documents across specified data sources.

Identify the areas (rules and terms) affected by certain regulatory/compliance events and analyze the intensity of potential impacts.

Identify regulatory trends affected by regulatory events that may affect my company.


By using the Regulation and Compliance Advisory Service, I am able to analyze daily all types of regulatory documents, combining several search terms into the personal portfolio.

To ensure data credibility I am able to quickly access the original documents.

The Advisory Dashboard generates Daily Advisory Reports in plain English.

This report combines all types of semantic analyses of my portfolio for all documents across all regulatory Agencies


By utilizing the analytics capabilities I can actively monitor regulations, improve risk management, and enhance the efficiency of internal processes.

Periodically running the Reactive Analysis helps my company decrease the likelihood of potential penalties by automating risk analysis, management, and mitigation activities.

Embedding automatically-generated (in plain English) Summary Reports into my daily report tremendously decreases operational costs and saves time.

The generated advisory (report-based probability of potential changes of my search terms) can easily be embedded into my report.


The goal is to trace a suspect's activity regarding possible insider information for the time period 01/01/2013 - 01/31/2013.


Using the Electronic Communication Surveillance Dashboard, I started to monitor several media sources (hard drive content, all shared drives, Outlook folders, instant messenger logs, etc.) to analyze potentially illegal communications.

The report transcript is automatically-generated in plain English.


By utilizing the analytical capabilities of the Electronic Communication Surveillance Dashboard, I was able to trace and re-create a specific suspect's activity.

By running the summary "Activities in Chronological Order" report, I was able to provide full-scale clear evidence of activity.

I am able to deliver results in two ways:

- as a timeline chart that combines all media and demonstrates activity across time.

- as a chronological report transcript that allows investigators to understand whether the suspect had just mentioned (or has heavily discussed) a particular subject.


I would like to approach the most effective school to study "Medical Genetics”.

By analyzing students' blogs from several Medical Schools in the tri-state area, I want to find the most effective school.


I started to monitor the student newsgroups of three medical schools, almost a month ago.

On my first visit to each newsgroup I initiated a discussion, asking questions about the discipline I had chosen to study.


After 21 days of continuous monitoring, I found significant activity within the discussions of the third medical school's newsgroups.


I would like to optimize my trading strategy that maximizes my net income, minimizes drawdown by taking trading concepts, ideas, and observations about possible historical market behavior, and implementing them into a trading system.

Assuming mass media has a signicifant impact on the market price movement, I would like to determine a possible correlation between market data movement and relevant media events.


By using the Market News Analytical Platform I am able to constantly monitor last price and mass media events’ activity in real-time.

The Platform constantly determines the correlation between media events’ activity and the company's price movement.

The historical indicator provides information about the maximum historical correlation and relevant media events.


By analyzing Combined Media Index/price correlation under different situations, I would be able to predict the next price movement and determine my trading strategy.

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